The Quick and Easy Ice Cream

Introduction: The Quick and Easy Ice Cream

If your at-home getting ready to go to bed and you open your fridge, and you find you don't have ice cream? With this easy homemade recipe, you can fix-up ice cream in minutes with a few easy ingredients!!


Frozen berries of your choice

powdered sugar

milk wiping cream mixture

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Step 1: Mix and Stir

Now the first thing you will want to do is take the berries that you have decided go well together, and pour them into your bowl.

Next, you'll take half and half or whipping cream and pour them both into the berry mixture.

Once you do this, the substance will harden slightly and freeze. Make sure before the substance hardens you mix it up so it becomes the creamiest it can!

Step 2: Finnish Up

For the final step, you will need the powdered sugar and your ice cream.

Now take your powdered-sugar and put as much on as you feel tastes good, as for me I use about one-and-a-half tablespoons of powdered sugar.

I hope you enjoy this instructable!! (Please like and vote)

Thank you for reading!!

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