The R4 Stripestrike

Introduction: The R4 Stripestrike

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Ricardo's Revolver Rifle Railgun (R4)

This is a simple railgun with a turret on the end. I've wanted to build a railgun for a while, and this is my first attempt. It has a long draw and is pretty sturdy and stable overall. It's called the Stripestrike because I didn't have enough metallic pieces, so I gave it a stripe pattern. Simple enough, right?

I'll state right here that you'll probably hate the trigger, but it was the only configuration I could get to work. Overall, the whole trigger mech is too weak for more than one band on each side (2 in total). If I can come up with a better mechanism the range will be much improved.

Even with the under-preforming trigger, with the 2 rubberbands it can hold it gets around 50 ft. using oodammo, which is about the same as my other guns. I guess I've reached my peak lol

No piece count, but just know there are a lot, including a few cut pieces.


Step 1: Getting Started

The first two layers and half the mech. A good start if I do say so myself.

Step 2: The Middle

It just takes some time.

But the middle is an important part. So pay close attention.

Everything, everything will be alright. Alright?

Step 3: The Fourth Layer and Finishing the Mech

Here is a close up pic of the finished parts of the mechanism.

Step 4: Final Layer

The fifth layer and some final touches.

Step 5: The Firing Car and Rubber Banding

Now we're actually finishing up. The firing car is simple enough. The band placement as well. Also the turret is there. Yeah, just look at the pics.

Guess what, you're done!

Feel free to leave comments and junk. Lates.



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    I really like it, but there is a small dealbreaker for me. The handle is so freaking small, and the thumb part is also way too small. I need it to be bigger, so that is that i am gonna try to do. Also, is it okay if i make a modguide for it??

    Yep this is awesome, I'm building it and I don't care if it doesn't even shoot, it looks epic!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well said. I may need to steal his handle for a future gun. If you build it, try to give it a removable magazine, that will be a first for railguns.

    Oh man, this is awesome! I love the rail pin and handle and stock. Great job!

    This looks very interesting! I will build this if I get the time! Is there a way to replace the turret with a regular mag?