Introduction: The RASP

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Ricardo Awesome's Snap-mag Pistol (RASP), as the name implies, features a magazine that snaps to the front of the gun. The advantage of this over regular mags is that it can shoot different sized ammo without having to be reconfigured. All you have to do is snap on a different mag.

The name has a double meaning. Yes it is an acronym, but seeing as this is my first full instructable, I figured it would be rough. Like a metal rasp... I didn't say the double meaning was deep.

Range with 1 rubber band is about 35 ft, and with the pin guide it can handle more bands. The pin guide is designed to be easily removed and attached, and an extra mag can be clipped on the back.

And for a limited time only, I've included bonus sights. Huzzahs are in order.

Step 1: Piece Count

This is a piece count for the pistol, pin guide, and mag. No piece count for the accessories. It may not be 100% correct as I continued to fiddle with it as I built it for the instructable.

normal color (metallic)


white (black) : 20

blue : 5

yellow(grey) : 39

green : 16

red (dark grey): 4

grey (2-way) : 9

orange (brown):10

grey (1-way) : 7

hinge : 3


black (long) : 2

blue : 10

white (silver): 58

green (black): 99


tan clip : 2

blue clip : 1

orange clip: 1

y-clip : 15

female ball joint: 1

blue spacers : 2

small tires : 5

little plastic wheels: 4

broken pieces: 2 (shown in picture)

Step 2: The Base Framework

Follow the image notes. Pretty easy so far, right? Good start, I'm proud of you.

Step 3: The Mech

Sorry I didn't have a picture to point out the placement of the blue rods, but hopefully you can tell in the second picture.

The orange clip is the front sight and can be replaced with a y clip if you don't have it. The hinge in the middle is just a space filler and can be replaced with an orange/brown connector.

And again, the image notes are important.

Step 4: Finishing Off the Framework

Here we're just wrapping up the basics. Oh, and do keep reading the notes.

Step 5: Final Details of the Base Pistol

Ha-HA! Almost done! Now just the mag is left!

...and the pin guide.

...and the sights.

...but you know, almost done.

Did you remember to read the image notes? There will be a test at the end!

Step 6: The Magazine

This mag is built for grey connector with green rod ammo, but you can extend it forwards for larger ammo. And of course you can build it longer for more rounds.

Also, be a good student and read the notes.

Step 7: Pin Guide

So...yeah. I got lazy at this part. I took some pictures to help you see how the guide is built and attaches, but I didn't include instructions. It's easy enough to just go by the pics though. Also included: where the extra mag goes, and optional comfort covers for the back of the guide.

Step 8: Bonus: Sights

The typical red dot is modded to compensate for angle, so it's good for moderately long range.

The orange sight has crosshairs know...that's cool, right?

Both mount high enough up to allow you to still use the iron sight. I'm not sure how that's useful, but it's a thing.

Eh, this bonus is because I don't know how to delete the extra step I accidentally made at the end.

Anyways, feel free to comment with constructive criticism, ideas, or just, you know, general comments.


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    sonic broom
    sonic broom

    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's really neat how many cut parts does this need? I might build this.

    I subbed to.

    Ricardo Awesome
    Ricardo Awesome

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It needs just two cut pieces, both can be cut from the same rod. I'll post a pic for reference in the parts list.


    5 years ago

    Well overall I'm pretty pleased with how unique this turned out. The concept in general (multiple mag sizes) I've seen before (and tried myself with my Shift rifle) but the simplicity and clean appearance just..... is hard to describe. Well done!