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Holy crap, I actually got that done fairly quick... Well, here it is. My huge, awesome sniper. The RBBAS(REALLY Big Bad@$$ Sniper)v2.1.It also happens to be my first attempt at an instructable...criticism welcome, as long as there is a 'list of shame'...
Ignore the first shot on the vid, it was a rare mishap...
v2.1 has an updated trigger than can now be used with more bands on it, a scope, and a slight mag adjustment.


-It's got a removable red rod mag that never jams(gotta tap on the pusher though...)
-True trigger
-Really good iron sights, and a scope(if you want)
-Swinging bipod that attatches to barrel when not in use
-Decent power(it has the ram pullback of the DD-27, while only using 9 connectors of friction....I'd say 30-40 feet with one double tied rubberband thats weaker than a #64)
-Scares anyone you point it at....


-Uses ALOT of pieces(for a gun)
-Barrel is a bit bendy
There you have it! LETS START!!!
I'll try a piece count in a bit...

Step 1: The Handle/stock Combo

Simple enough, I think....
I didn't have enough time to try and disassemble the stock completely, and i figure that it is relatively easy.....

Step 2: The Back Body/barrel & Trigger

The body is split into two steps, each fairly large. Bear with me here...

Step 3: The Front Body/mag Chamber

This is the second part. A bit easier, I think...

Step 4: Fake Barrel and Bipod.

This is the barrel that has to rods stickin out, and looks cool...

Step 5: Put It Together!


Step 6: DONE!!!!!

Congratulations! It's not my fault if you do something stupid with it...Please rate and comment!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    So I looked at this again, and d-a-m-n. That is one big blob of awkward, flimsy connections lol.


    Well, I had a few ideas....but I forgot what they were.....I think a semi auto or something....mainly what I do is mod things that other people post and make them even better.


    Ok, there's the semi auto, a cannon that is not like all the other ones.... a tommy gun with working drum mag(Trauts made the thompson so I just stopped halfway)....a revolver that didn't jam with rubberbands on the actual revolver(looked ugly) uzi with removable mags that hold the ammo(got the mag working, but then ran out of time to make a body).....pretty much it.


    A)I can't B)I have none of them, seeing that I built the nanocannon c)I don't like to post things until they are the best I can possibly do...


    Well, I did sorta start it yesterday so....not yet, that's what I'm working on at the moment; I just need a block, ram, trigger, and then test it's basically a heavily modded version of the one that J-chode put up as a forum.


    As long as its got some kind of other true feed that doesn't mess up the looks. I hate giant elaborate single shots, because I could make one with a tenth of the pieces and still get the same effect.


    infact, a mag-in-handle would be the perfect disguise! (Goes off to plot out next weapon) Seriously, you should consider that.


    Well, I'm not going to give up on the bullpup yet, and the handle is not meant for loading, but it's a good idea...It's just hard to get a firing mech in without making the stock too long.