The RMDSS V1.1 (Removable Mag Dual-Shot Shotgun) (internals!)




This is my RMDSS v1 (Removable Mag Dual-Shot Shotgun). It fires two bullets (along side each other, not on top of each other) at the same time, and has a removable magazine which holds 18 rounds (9 shots), which are green rods attached to a grey connectors. Being a shotgun, this gun is pretty freakin' huge: it's 9 layers thick plus two extra, (connectors clipped to empty rod space) weighs a lot, and is about 24.5 inches long.

This gun took me a long time to get right. First was the issue of the mech, which turned out really complicated, then the issue of a good magazine/ammo, then the issue of making a good pin guide for two ram rods, and finally, I had a lot of firing inconsistency which took a while to nail down. (it shoots good every time now!)

Let's see some pros/cons, shall we?

-Fires two shots at the same time
-Looks quite awesome
-Comfy (even distribution of weight)
-Has awesome red dot sight (modded from knexpete's)
-Has two ram-rods
-Has a sturdy pin guide
-Large mag capacity -->18 rounds (9 shots) (mag can be extended too!!!)
-Can hold many rubberbands
-Awesome range - 30-60 feet (30= ~1 band, 60 = ~4-5 bands)
-Removable and preloadable double mag with internal pusher (modded from Knex.X's)
-Epic pullback length
-Uses the awesome handle from my ASR v1!!
-Never jams

-Very piece consuming (it's 9 layers thick...)
-Uses a few cut pieces (but don't all guns use 'em nowadays?)

So that's about it for this gun. I'm very proud of it and how it turned out. (my best gun so far (imo))

Special Thanks:
Knex.X - Magazine
knexpete - Red dot sight

Please let me know what you think about it in the comments! I'm open to posting this beast!


UPDATE: Yes, this gun will be posted! However, I want to enter it into the upcoming K'NEX competition, so expect the instructions up sometime very soon after July 1st (2013).                                            



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Original, seems battle useful, and looks very well made apart from over complication in some parts (however they are non-functioning parts like the inside of the handle so it doesn't affect it's performance). Great job.

    1 reply

    it seems cool. ill use the instructions and BUILD :D my review:
    -looks: 4.5*
    -sight: 5*
    -range: 5*
    -capacity(mag): 4*
    overall id put it 5* :D

    pedo.jpg460.jpg459 - Copy.jpg
    2 replies

    This actually reminds me of the one shotgun I made a long while back that was called the "BSAS." I like the looks of it, and it seems like it could have great potential!

    4 replies

    Thanks! And wow, your BSAS does have a lot of similarities with the DMRSS! That being said I had never seen it before now.

    I like the looks of this thing. It looks powerful, that's for sure, and it's more than five layers; that really sets it apart from all the other guns. I like how hefty it looks too. Incredible job! I'm subscribing. The only improvement I can think of, although it may be personal, is to fix the ram. I've tried to do something like that on a TR and it repeatedly broke, snapped, and it was exactly like yours. Granted, I was trying to put like five bands on it, but still. If it's working for you though, there are definitely no problems with this thing. You deserve a sub for sure!

    4 replies

    Thanks so much! The ram is in no need of fixing, it works perfectly due to my pin guide design. I might post internals later so you can see the pin guide in action.

    Please do; I'd really love to see it. Oh, and feel free to come down to my page; I've got a new TR project in the works and I'm looking for some feedback.

    Now that I look at this a bit more closely, I'm realizing how awesome that handle really is. I have very long fingers, and that handle is looking really comfortable.

    I now realize the epic power of the pin guide. I had no idea there was a bottom part.

    Keep Calm and Don't Listen to DarkOwlKnex; he talks in the third person and probably should see the internals before critiquing a firing pin. :3

    I really like this. I am not a big fan of the looks, but it seems to work well, and is kinda innovative. You are improving with every 'ible you post. Like a boss, bro.

    3 replies


    I changed the front to a flatter version, and gave you credit in the special thanks! What do you think? And should I post?