The Racker Rifle

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This is the result of me wanting to make a connector body TR.  I made this about a year ago, but never got around to posting it.  I got stumped on the trigger, and after a while, I came up with one of the best trigger mechs out there.  It blocks behind the handle, pulls smoothly, and can hold just about as many bands as you want.  The trigger is unique in that it hinges on the (I want to say axis, but I know that is wrong) same axis as the pin goes down, so the pressure is straight on the hinge, and the trigger is horizontal.  It also hinges on one of the strongest parts of the body, so no banding problem there.

I know we don't need another TR, so take this as more of a proof of concept for a new trigger.  The trigger would be suitable for a bolt-action, too, because there is a gap below it so a bolt pin could pass through.  I gave up on that project a while ago.

Lets get on to the pro's and con's


- Its small and doesn't use too many pieces

- Trigger is very reliable and strong

- Pin guide fits perfectly, almost no extra friction

- Impact dissapator on back spreads out pin force, so again, you can put on all the bands you want.

- Very long pin pull


- one cut part (a cut white rod)

- Pin not in the best place to pull back.

Credit to Zak for the color scheme.  And to bakenbitz/zak for the front barrel bit.

Please tell me if there are any major grammatical errors or something needs clearing up.

Don't even ask for ranges, because everyone will use different bands and ammo.  It all depends. 
Please excuse my photography, I'm not the best at it, and my camera is a 4 year old 7.2mp point and shoot.  It focuses terribly.

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Step 1: Turret

Pretty generic turret.  Make it.

Step 2: Main Body, Part 1

This is the main body of the gun.  I mess up in one step, because when making the ible, I took apart and reversed the body layers.  I point it out in a picture.

Step 3: Main Body, Part 2

This step adds the trigger, foregrip, and a few other things.  I KNOW THE TURRET IS BACKWARDS.

Step 4: The Stock and Handle + Bands

This is the handle and stock of the gun.  Should be pretty easy.

Step 5: Usage

To use, load the turret by sticking in a rod a bit beyond the turret blocker and wind all the way around and then past the blocker, and then push in the rod all the way so the white rod sticks out and catches on the tip of the ramrod.  Then load the rest of the turret.  Pull back the pin until the trigger clicks in, and then pull the trigger.  Repeat until turret is empty, then rewind the turret and repeat.

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3 years ago

hey is your friend Zak's first name Boomer? if it is I know him personally. ☺


4 years ago

One of the best knex guns EVER. I have built it 7 (!) Different times. I dunno if you ever check your ibles anymore, but if you do, I just want to say great job! Oodammo shoots very nicely with this gun.

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6 years ago on Introduction

Nice rifle. a bit small for me but man is it powerful with 1 #64 rubber band.

Yes thanks, currently building it! I found 2 elastic cords to help i the power as well. I thought there were not any elastics at all here, but these should give some punch.