The Recyclable Candy Dispencer




Why I made it:

- I made a recyclable candy dispenser because a lot of people eat candy especially kids and my reason being is you don't want someones hands touching your candy. Like for example I was gonna get m&ms and my cousin just came from out side and he touched all the candy and i didn't want know more because his hands where dirty and had germs on them. I did not want it happening again so i made a solution I made a candy dispenser out of recyclables it was really easy and all you need is recyclables laying around the house and two supply's u can buy.

Step 1: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 1 :

- Get your supply's

You will need foam board or card board 12 x 12 cm.

paper / plastic cups.

Hot glue

Hot glue gun

Exact o knife

Ruler in inches

Step 2: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 2:

Heat up your hot glue gun so you can later on put every thing together.

Step 3: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 3:

Get your foam board and get your measurements and get four even squares of foam bored its later gonna be the base of your candy dispenser.

Step 4: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 4:

Cut out the foam board into even squares.

Step 5: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 5:

Get the preheated hot glue gun and glue all the pieces together and that will make your base.

Step 6: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 6:

Get your two cups and hot glue them together too make the dispenser.

Step 7: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 7:

Cut out a little tab at the button of the cup

Step 8: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 8:

Put the dispenser in the base and hot glue them together.

Step 9: How to Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 9:

Cut a hole at the top of the dispenser.

Step 10: How Too Build the Candy Dispenser:

Step 10:
M&Ms and put them in the dispenser and watch the the candy dispenser do its work.

Step 11: Pros and Cons


  • Eco friendly
  • recyclable
  • reusable
  • safe
  • remake able


  • time consuming
  • non cleanable
  • can break easily
  • can only hold a small portion of m&ms

Step 12: Conclusion :

In conclusion my project is an improvement on a normal candy dispenser. A benefit to the user of this item cause instead of people reaching in your bag of M&M's with their dirty hands they can use a dispenser reduce spread of disease. Also you can make it out of anything such as foam board, card board, plastic or paper cups . It is also healthy for the environment being it is recyclable and can be reused. It can be reused as Foam board and paper products such as paper plates.



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    1 year ago

    I hope he doesn't steal any more of your candy :)