The Recycled Car Headlight Ceiling Lamp

Introduction: The Recycled Car Headlight Ceiling Lamp

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Hello! this is jgfresh and today I am creating a new ceiling light from an old car headlight. This instructable is for the Green Living contest so VOTE FOR ME!! About 4 months ago i found this headlight on the side of the road, most likely the result of an accident. I took it home but never really did anything with it until now. The headlight was made for a hundai car but i cannot tell you the exact model. although this should work with every car headlight i cannot guarantee it will.. But anyways lets get started!  (CAUTION: CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Step 1: The Supply Page

You Will Need:
1.Car headlight 
2. Glue gun + Hot glue
3.night Light Bulbs
5.Soldering iron + Solder
8.Saw (only for opening up the back)
9. Ac outlet plug (BE CAREFUL)
11.Wire cutters / scissors
 13.Night light

Step 2: Destruction/Construction

Ok the first and hardest step is to remove the black plastic off of the light revealing the reflectors and glass. after countless hours of hacking, drilling, sawing, and chiseling i finally was able to remove the back. once you do this remove the metal part that contains the main reflectors: ( pictures in order of destruction)

Step 3: Electronics

In this step you will be wiring the lights. follow the steps shown below:

Step 4: Finishing Up

Next hold the newly formed "lamp" we made up against the car light. Hold it for about a minute or so, if the plastic gets hot on the front of the headlight you have used a light bulb with too high of a wattage. keep testing different bulbs until you can find one that does not heat up so much. Use hot glue to secure the night light to the back of the reflector. then glue the reflector onto the headlight. Also Glue the Glass ball thing back where it used to be. Finally wrap any un-insulated wires  in electrical tape.

Step 5: Your Finished!!

Now you have your very own headlight lamp!!! YAY!! If you want to take it one step further you can wire another night light onto the Ac power supply. Also you could add a switch. Now Go on and test it out !!! VOTE FOR ME!!! 

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