The Red Spider Queen

Introduction: The Red Spider Queen

I am a hairdresser who is always excited to do unusual projects. During a recent photo shoot, one of the models wanted to incorporate her Necomimi headset and red wig into a Halloween costume. She needed help and since I hadn't done anything quite like, what was I going to say but YES!

I set up my mannequin head and got to work...and the Red Spider Queen was conceived.

Step 1: Positioning the Headset and Wig

This is the start of the Red Spider Queen. I made sure the Necomimi headset is positioned on the red wig before I begin.

Step 2: Check the Position of the Foamies

I want to check the position of the headset and the Foamies before they are decorated. Since the "naked" Foamies stand out against the red wig, it's easy to see where they are and make sure they are positioned well.

Step 3: Decorate the Foamies: Part 1

Now it's time to decorate my Foamies. A glue guns is my best friend. Since glue guns can be a bit messy (and sometimes, so can I) lay down paper to protect your workspace. I am using red feathers that match the color of the wig. The feathers add an interesting texture to the overall piece.

And, of course, let's not forget the spiders. After all, she is the Red Spider Queen.

Step 4: Decorate the Foamies: Part 2

Now it's time to glue the feathers and spiders. I make sure to hold everything firmly in place while the glue dries. I don't want anything falling off when the headset starts to move.

Step 5: Ready to Place the Foamies

Now it's time to place my decorated Foamies on top of the headset before I move on to the hair style. This is the time I can do any last minute adjustments before I start to incorporating the headset into red wig.

Step 6: Time for the Pigtails

I separated the hair into two pigtails. I took one pigtail and separate it into two sections. I simply twist them together all the way down to the end and secure them with an elastic band. I then wrapped the pigtail up and around the headset.

Step 7: Don't Forget the Other Side

Repeat on the other side. I then pinned both pigtails in place. This enables them to sit around the headset but doesn't get in the way of the headset movement.

Step 8: Time for the Final Touches to the Red Spider Queen

Now it's time to get the head spider into position. I fastened her into the hair but not to the Foamie. This way she is secure but is not so tight that the headset doesn't move. The Red Spider Queen must be able to use her brainwaves to summon her spider subjects.

Now that the Red Spider Queen is set up, it's time for her to summon her minions. Calling all spiders!

Step 9: ...all Hail to the Red Spider Queen!

The Red Spider Queen has summoned her subjects ready to enter the world.

I hope to add pictures of the entire costume once she makes her grand Halloween debut...

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