The Reversed EGG

Introduction: The Reversed EGG

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Here is how I tried to make the REVERSED BOILED EGG, a video coming from ASIA in which the guy makes an egg with the inside reversed .

At first I tried with the procedure explained on the original video with 2 FAILURES

Then I made a system with my 3D Printer to make the same procedure but with a Scientific Method and more effective but I Had another FAIL ... Watch the video to Understand

The video is In Italian and I'm working on Subs, but it's pretty simple to understand the procedure even with only images :D


I attached the egg twister.stl File

Print it and assemble it

:D So simple



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    I'm confused. Nowhere do you show how to reverse an egg. The videos show two failures and declare the concept 'Busted'. I thought Instructables were supposed to show us how to do something, except in the case of the Epic Fail Contest. I'm trying to be nice, but I think this instructable only belongs in the Epic Fail category, it does not show how to accomplish anything.


    2 years ago

    it is not just spinning is the sudden reversal of direction that blows the yolk.

    Yeah i was hoping either of the shown technique to work but each and every of them failed. If those are failed attempt why is there any need to download and print the 3d version of it. Makes no sense to me sadly !

    You can Download it to try by yourself, maybe with a faster Drill or with a Dremel

    This is really interesting. I've seen the egg in the panty hose for scrambling the egg in the Shell for a prank.