The Rhino V1.1




This is the last of the Rhino series. I decided, after browsing the Instructable’s K'nex community that we had enough of guns based around power and so with the final Rhino I went for a little bit more than sheer power... The Rhino features a shortened barrel to the previous model for reduced friction and increased range, a safety mechanism, an improved ratchet system, a stock which allows the Rhino to be perfectly balance from the handle, a detachable reverse "iron sight", a standard trigger hand guard and of course the barrel's Rhino horn end which increases accuracy and is the second part of the Rifles reversed iron sight. As always I have gone all out to make this Rifle practical and aesthetically pleasing, it is very sturdy even though the appearance would make you think otherwise. My only real gripe with this weapon would be the lack of storage for the ammo although this is common with most single-shot K'nex Rifles.


Please enjoy the pictures and the video demonstrating the safety mechanism...


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    Yes, the trigger guard is from the striker pistol i mention that in one of the tags in the photo, but the similarties end there. Mine has different ratchet, barrel, trigger, stock, handle, safety mechanism, sight, chin rest, aesthetic design. So no its not a striker pistol. Of cource single shot knex guns will be similiar but the striker and Rhino are VERY different weapons.

    As does every single shot gun on this entire sight it all comes down to the elastic bands at the end of the day and again its a completely different type of rifle, fully kitted out with the extras like the safety mech, stock, sight,etc., etc. Yours is a pistol I already have a pistol in my Rhino range...

    the ammo is the same on all these types of gun, your ratchet is different, and sling??? its an elastic band. But you know if you want to take credit for my work be my guest because I'm not bothered...

    DJ Radio

    7 years ago on Introduction

    "The Rhino features a shortened barrel to the previous model for reduced friction and increased range..."

    Doesn't work that way on your type of gun. Longer barrel=longer range. Friction is the same regardless of length.

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    JonnyDude2008DJ Radio

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Well the longer the barrel the longer the round is in contact with the barrel so yes there is more friction. But I see what your trying to say the longer the barrel the more stretched the band and so it travels futher so I suppose the increased range might not be so true but I didn't test to check.


    Video link is in description though you will have to paste it into your URL bar... sorry about that...


    When I checked after uploading I saw the video was not there, this may just be Insrtuctables taking time to upload it; however, if it is still not there tomorrow I will try to re-upload it. Thanks for your patients!