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After meticulous planning, drafts, and ideas, I present to you: The Robot.  This guy is perfect to build as a desktop toy, a tiny action figure, or really anything you want.  He is fully equipped with hundreds of degrees of movement in his arms and legs, making him very posable.  He has an easy-to-replace head feature while still being very sturdy.  If you so desire, he can hold any accessory that Lego Mini-figures can. He is very customizable, so if you build him feel free to modify him to your heart's content.   If you do end up building this guy, pictures are definitely welcome; if you take a photo and you so wish, I can add it to this step here.   Like all my other creations, the name, The Robot, comes from a song by Kraftwerk: The Robots.  I hope you enjoy this little knickknack!
-DOP (DarkOwlProductions: Soon to be my new username.)

There is instructions for this with a piece count at the end here, too, if you find these instructions unclear.

Step 1: Pieces Needed

While I don't have a piece count, these are some of the pieces you will need.  Before you build, make sure you have these.  All of them will be used at one point or another.

Step 2: The Chestplate

Step 3: The Arm Sockets

Step 4: The Leg Sockets

Step 5: The Legs and Head

Step 6: The Arms

Step 7: The Feet

After this, you're done.  Congratulations.  If you have any questions throughout this, please let me know.  This is my first time using Lego Digital Designer.  Please tell me how the instructions worked out.  Should I use them again?  Feedback is certainly welcome.



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Ah, I am looking forward to them, of course; new elements from the king of ball machines is always nice. :3 I totally understand when you say you don't have time; life can get busy, that's for sure; at least you have time now.

Silly me. Let me correct myself: at least you will have time sometime soon. Oh dear, exams, huh? Exams are never fun. Study lots and ace it, my friend; I know you are more than capable. Then you can get to posting the new ball machine elements. :3

You're welcome. Congrats on another 100 comments! (You have probably been one of my hundredth commenters, too; I usually don't keep track. I am at 800 something right now. Thank you for being my hundredth commenter sometime in the past.) :P


5 years ago

Cool! Glad to see another ible from the KOD. Wydachayjdnaymedok?

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Also, it is great to be talking to you guys again. I think I will just copy and paste the whole rant I gave to Red about what has happened to me: I am doing really well even without my K'nex, surprisingly. Of course I'd like to have it back, but still. So much has happened since I last talked to you guys: I have a girlfriend now and she is amazing; school has started once more; The Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who's Fiftieth Anniversary) just happened, prompting a huge party at my friend's house; my nerdy friends down here are more like my family; I just survived marching band season and it was awesome; I have found a lot of great music. Life is just a beautiful thing right now; I truly have never been happier. I felt guilty for just stopping my usage of instructables because I lost my K'nex. I have been so busy, though, that it took me a while to actually find time to do something. I hope to be on much more often now.

There you go. (:-j}