The Robot That Save Halloween

Introduction: The Robot That Save Halloween

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Now I know this is a little later but between Hurricane Sandy and work I havent had time for much lately. This is a project that it one of those pet project that one been sitting in be back of my mind along in my metal shop. Now this year I decided on building the traditional "Retro" style robot. Here is the twist instead of cardboard I decided on going with thin sheet metal. If you would like the demenions of my bot please feel free on messaging me for all the detailed drawing. Tools you will need for this project. 

  1. Welder (Mig or Tig)
  2. Bend and Break
  3. Drill with good bits
  4. Grinder/Cut off wheel
  5. Do not forget SAFETY
Now when I started this build the only thing I'd paid for so far was the sheet metal. I went with steel now regretting that choice now I really wish I've used aluminum. I laid out all my drawing as if it was HVAC ducting. Basically its the same thing boxes really no thrills about that. Fore warn that don't run a full weld along the seems it will cause all the panels to warp out of shape. Nevertheless onto the details of the bot. It was simple what I used. got myself a full piece of 3/4" x 1/8" steel flat bar. This I used to make the mouth and boarder along the door. The eyes are just 2" pipe cut to size and welded on. Now the brow I don't remember what I used. I have a feeling it was some scrap I found. The nose was just some sheet metal.

Now on supplies of details and other parts
  • Paint this is all up to you I used simple color to bring it to life
  • LEDS and a lot of them this was used all over the but in the eyes, inside the head, etc.
  • Dryer vent tubing this is great for the arms
  • Soft foam (because of the size and the weight of it inside was lined with the soft stuff)
  • hand are winter gloves and legs and just plain black sweat pants
  • old Halloween scarey mask
  • large push button (I found mine on spark fun)
  • Arduino board
How it all worked was simple you'll need help putting this bot on and taking it off. Nevertheless inside I put and LED strobe like that was bright and I was wearing a reflective skull mask. When the push button was pressed the strobe would turn on. No I haven't worked out all the kinks yet on how to unplug the head form the main body but that's for 2013

Now the story sit around kiddies and I will tell you how the great robot saved Halloween for at least one neighborhood. I live on Long Island and when Sandy came into down she made her presents very well known on the 30th. Down power lines mass black outs. Fully grown trees up rooted, it was bad. Now after this everyone seem to be depressed in most people mind Halloween was canceled. Now I am a die hard I just didn't take hours of my life not to wear this bot. My fiancee was like I know I am not going to stop you wearing this but don't be upset if people don't come out to trick or treat. The idea was to stand still and spook them as they walk up to my door. So here I am standing at the bottom of my steps in the massive suit. At first she was right not a soul was outside on the night of the dead. This was bumming me out, granted there is always next year I am telling myself. Then I notice parents looking out there window as I stand there still just waiting a visitor. Slowly one family came out with kids dressed up and making there way to see the robot. Now when these kids say with massive bot standing 6' 11" they ran to get a closer look. Before I know it I was surrounded my parents and children all wanting to take pictures with me. The funny part was parents trying to see my face inside the head. Wanting to know who is the man inside the bot. One parent said their kids were so up Halloween might be canceled. She called me the robot the saved Halloween. Now the funny part is today I walked out to my car to leave for work the same mother came up to ask if I know who the robot was. I guess I now have a secret identity to protect.         

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