The Runner : a Simple Running Robot


Introduction: The Runner : a Simple Running Robot

Here is a simple running robot. You can easily make it for your own. It has two C wheels made from PVC pipe driven by one single geared DC motor. It is actually hopping between the steps. See the slow motion part. Its motion is like Kangaroo.

Electrical Connection- The motor ( RPM-100) is connected with a switch in series. It is power by a 3.7V , 240mAH, Li-Po battery.

Step 1: Video Instruction

This video has shown the step by step making process of this running robot. Hope you will love making it.




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    Where / how to get the motor in the usa; Order in advance! I searched for "K248 DC geared motor" on eBay and got two links if the links go away just search for those search terms. I usually check Amazon also, but got no hits on this search on Amazon. ebay #1 ebay #2

    I like the video instructions! The robots motion is more of a flopping than hopping, but it is still fun to watch. It might be interesting to experiment with something different for that third, front point. Maybe a large castor wheel. Maybe put a couple little wheels on the body so it rolls between steps, like a child lying down on a skateboard and pushing with his feet. Nifty little project.

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    Ooh, here's another one you, I, or someone reading this might try: add a tail with enough weight, and long springy-wire "forelegs" and see if it can be made to actually hop.

    DIY "whegs"!

    If you used two motors, and put the legs out of phase, this could walk across almost any surface!

    sorry, but if I was looking for videos I Will be on somethingtube, please this is instructables

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    when it said video instructions - it must have been simple spelling mistake LOL

    missing link to video?