The Russian Holiday Cocktail

Introduction: The Russian Holiday Cocktail

The Russian Holiday was born one night a few years ago when my good friend, Callum, and I decided to combine our drinks. After much refining and testing, we came up with this cocktail.

The drink is refreshingly sweet and goes down well on a hot summer's day. We've served it at many parties and it has always been a hit.

Step 1: Ingredients

- 30mL Vanilla Vodka (I use Absolut but any brand will do)
- 30mL Malibu (White coconut rum)
- A swirl of lime cordial (Try and get good quality cordial. 'Green' flavour will not do)
- Crushed Ice
- Enough Sprite for the rest of the glass
- The glass itself! (Preferably tall)

Step 2: Be Cool

Add some crushed ice to the glass. Ice cubes will work too but I think it looks better crushed.

Step 3: When God Gives You Limes...

Swirl some lime cordial into the glass.

Be careful not to use too much cordial. It's very strong so if used in large amounts it can be overpowering.

Step 4: Add Liquor

Now add to the drink the 30mL of Malibu and the 30mL of vanilla vodka.

Fill the rest of the glass up with Sprite (or similar soft drink).

Step 5: Enjoy!

Serve this to you and your friends at a party or other gathering of like-minded souls!

Remember. Enjoy responsibly and don't drink if you're under the legal drinking age.

Have fun!

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    10 years ago on Step 1

    Looks refreshing enough for me! thanks for the upload