The SAW-6

Introduction: The SAW-6

About: HOLY HELL, look at me, I'm a cat ! I plan on building some kind of ball machine "soon", I just need a half term break to start as well as needing to organise all of my parts (somewhere around 7000). If so...

My Chainsaw, The SAW-6.
It has two chains or 'will have' two chains seeing as I currently don't have one I can use, though I will add one as soon as possible. (13/04/09)
It's quite small and compact and (in my opinion) looks great. it uses metallic pieces mostly and has a block motor. I might make a sequel with more blades.
Also, the pictures are mirrored due to my stupid computer and everything is actually on the other side so this is specifically for right-handed people.

EDIT: I added a Chain but it turned out horrible, the chain was to loose and wouldn't fit if i removed one chain link =(

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