The SOLO CUP Lobster!





Introduction: The SOLO CUP Lobster!

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Here's my lobster costume for Halloween ... for under $25!

Step 1: Supplies

1) Approx. 30 large red plastic plates... < $5
2) Approx. 40 9oz red plastic cups... < $5
3) Red hat (fleece)... ~ $6
4) Red duct tape & clear packing tape ~ $4
5) Red string ~ $2
6) 4 small squares of red felt... ~ $1
7) 2 Styrofoam balls and googly eyeballs... ~ $2

TOTAL COST: < $25 !

I can't even begin to describe the 8 hours that went into making this costume... but you get the general idea. Probably more tedious than difficult. The packing tape adheres quite well to the plastic, so you can get pretty creative with the layout and appendages. Just make sure to leave some room for flexing so your tail doesn't crack!

...and if all else fails, you can just volunteer to bring the cups and plates to the party!



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    This was a fantastic idea. I wore this in Madison for Halloween and got more of a reaction that I could have ever hoped for. People thought it was hilarious and loved it. Thank you!

    hello lobster.jpg

    I did it!!! it was a big hit. thanks for the inspiration. I attached the arms with fishing line to the shell, and then attached the other end of the line to my wrist so they would move with me on the dance floor! thanks again!

    1 reply

      pic here

    sorry thought i had the pic embedded

    wow, this is... wow. im not sayingits bad AT ALL its very original, but when i saw the pic, i roflmfaowacot ed. very original :D

    any instructions on this one? It looks pretty self explanatory but yours came out so well

    Very cool. :) Maybe I'll switch from pirate to lobster next halloween. :D Or maybe I'll be a pirate-lobster! :D

    Wow... just wow... I have NEVER seen cheap dinner plates and cups used for so worthy a cause! Any chance at a vauge how to make it?

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    I'm working on some brief instructions & pictures. Probably won't be able to post until this weekend though... stay tuned!

    Now that is a creative use of found materials! :D

    COOL!! i thought this would be lame when i clicked it but its FREAKIN AWSOME!!!

    That's awesome!!!

    I'd love to see some close-ups of the claws and feet if you get the chance to take more pictures.

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    The original images are fairly large - if you click on the "i" in the upper-left hand corner and then follow the link on the bottom for the full-size image, you should see some good detail in there!