The Saber Mk 2.0

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It's like the saber Mk 1.0 but better!


Range: ~60-65 ft

Mag: 8-9 yellow rods, non removable

Bands: 4 #64 bands

Video link (be sure to subscribe and check out my other stuff. I try to post regularly but Spanish 2 class manages to foil my plans.)

Special thanks to blue mullet for the trodden inspiration! Make sure to check him out!

Step 1: How I Built It

I have had some questions on how exactly I build my guns. I will try to show you below.

1. I started the saber 2 with the stock. I already wanted to modify the original guns stock and also extended it by 2 connectors.

2. I attached the handle (very similar to the original rifle.

3. I built the 5th layer and connected it to the handle.

4. I searched and tried many triggers and settled upon a similar layout to blue mullets m 1 garand (check it out...I will wait).

5. I had previously decided on yellow rods so next I built the mag. I originally wanted a slanted mag but I couldn't make it work.

6. I filled in the top of the barrel and the bottom of the gun and brought it up to 4 layers.

7. I finished the fake barrel and added the 5th layer on this side.

8. I made sure everything worked by firing 75 rounds through it and tested the sights.

9. The 7th layers came next and were added then changed then added then changed....until I found the ones I wanted.

10. I banded the layers on and went about strengthening the various weak points of the gun.

11. I did a general check to make sure everything works just right and then shot another 50 rounds through it.

12. Once satisfied I played with it for about 3-4 days and made changes here and there until I was happy with the new changes.

13. I don't like ending on a 13 but lastly I made some banding changes, re taped and banded the pin, and started the video.

Total build time: ~8 hours plus ~2 hours of testing= ~10 hours



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    8 Discussions

    Lucas The Boss

    2 years ago

    I really like these older style guns, in fact ive got some more traditional style stuff coming up, i think if i pull it off it will be something the community has never seen. Great job!

    3 replies

    2 years ago

    That thing looks amazing--and with that range holy cow! Nice job dude!

    Knextremely stupid

    2 years ago

    Sorry about the messy room but...having Legos and K'nex out at the same time does terrors