The 'Sandook' (Treasure Chest)




Introduction: The 'Sandook' (Treasure Chest)

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I have been longing for a box to keep all my everyday accessories and would look good on the mantel too.
Made of hard cardboard tube and covered with faux leather, the rough finish gives it a rugged classy look.
Also took an offbeat idea to use a wooden Eagle as a handle to lift the cover!
i used 3 strips of nylon fabric as hinges from outside the tube.
the strips of leather act as hinge anyways. also provide a spring action so the cover closes by itself.
the whole design is simple and many alternatives are possible.
if you u want a hip look, u can try denim or even aluminum foil instead of leather! But remember, it is cardboard inside so its not entirely waterproof.
And my laziness got the better of me, so i haven't taken detailed photos. My apologies!

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    Looks great, I cannot believe it is made of cardboard. At first glance I would have sworn it was aged wood,..