The Saw Bit

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Intro: The Saw Bit

I Don't  have the time for a Full intructable, so I posted a bunch of Pictures of my cheap replacement for a circular saw. But, Fear not, There will be an 'ible soon!!!!



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    You don'say how its driven, If that spigot goes into a drill chuck, then its going to be spinning backwards so won't be AS dangerous ;) - just wouldn't cut anything too well... except flesh.
    Unless of course the drill is in reverse - that would be fun!

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    You get points for noticing that!

    Since I'm ambidextrous with slightly more strength in my left hand, it's easier for me to control the drill running in reverse.


    lol yus, we threw them in a vice and started cutting them in half and the blade didn't do anything except wobble a little... it does wobble any time you use it but so does a circular saw so i'm not realy worried