The Sdrawkcab Pen

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With school starting, everyone knows that the most important thing for students is to impress their classmates. You tell the stories more far-fetched than fisherman's, about where you went and what you did over summer break. But, after a week, the stories grow stale, and students become content with being boring again. No more are the stories of summer, but instead the recap of how you did the previous day's homework or the test score you got. But students, this is your year to continually impress people with "magic". Behold, the Sdrawkcab Pen (Backwards Pen).

The Sdrawkcab Pen is a simple concept, really. Take two pens apart, switch around some pieces, cut and glue a little, and voila: you can write with a pen that is upside down.  It's so simple that any student can do it, and that is the whole purpose of this instructable. Any student can make the Sdrawkcab Pen, and impress their fellow classmates with it, too. Let's get started.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You really don't need much for this instructable. Everything used is a common , household material/tool.

- Two pens. One pen has to be new, but the other can be used (i.e. out of ink). I choose Bic Round Stic . It doesn't really matter what brand you choose, as long as the barrel of the pen is the same diameter along the entire length (see picture for example). Also, you want to make sure you can take this pen apart, and you probably want to use cheap pens, too.

- Utility Knife
- Hot Glue Gun
- Thin, long object (I used a  skinny paintbrush)

Step 2: Step 1: Disassembly

First, you need to disassemble your pens. Anyone should know how to do this, but if you dont, here's how. Pull on the nib and it should pop out. Done. Next, you need to pop out that top part of the pen (on the back of the pen). I just shoved a small plastic paintbrush into the barrel, and it popped right out. 

Step 3: Step 2: Decapitation

Next, take the old pen and the utility knife. Cut off the ink cartridge. Then, take the nib part and wash it under a sink, to get any remainder ink out. Note: this step could get messy, even if it is an old pen, so watch out for ink!

Step 4: Step 3: More Cutting

Take a pen cap, and the pen nib with ink cartridge. Put the cap over the pen nib with ink cartridge, and eyeball how much you should cut off (it shouldn't be much). Then, very carefully cut out a section of the pen cap (make sure the pen nib with the cartridge is removed). Next, put the pen nib with ink cartridge back in. Even with the hole in the cap, I found I couldn't write. So, to solve it, simply push the pen nib with ink cartridge into the cap a little farther in, so that the nib is just showing. Then, do a test scriblle to make sure all is well.

Step 5: Step 4: Glueing

Alright, next step is to grab your hot glue gun, and plug it in. Once it is ready, put a dab of hot glue over the decapitated nib, so that no ink will spill out of it. Then, put a little glue around the nib, and shove it in the empty pen barrel. Next, take the real pen nib and ink cartridge, and put it in the cap with the hole in it, so that the tip of the pen just juts out. Do a test scribble on a piece of paper to make sure that the pen tip/nib is out enough to write properly. Then, glue the cap and pen nib with ink catridge together. After that, glue the cap/pen nib/ink cartridge into the barrel of the pen. 

Step 6: Step 5: Amaze!

Now it is time to show off. Bring the pen into school, and impress your fellow classmates. But, there are two important tricks to mastering this deception.
      1.) Cover the pen nib that is portruding out of the cap with your fingers as much as possible when writing, so no one sees the nib.                        
      2.) Don't tell your classmates about your pen, or brag about it to them right away, because if you do they will be more intent on finding the secret than being amazed. Just simply pull it out and start writing, and if you don't get anyone's attention for about ten minutes, then nonchalantly ask the kid sitting next to you a question. 

  Example conversation:
About a minute until class ends.
You- Hey, what's today's homework?
Classmate- Uhh, that worksheet... Are you stupid? You're holding your pen upside down!
You- Huh? Oh, yeah. Sometimes I just like to write like this. 
Classmate- Wait. Is that pen actually writing upside down?
You- Yup. I dunno how, but it just does.
Then watch him be impressed as you stand up as the bell rings and walk away.

P.S. With the extra pen cap, you might want to cap the non-functioning side of the pen (when not in use) so that it doesn't make holes in  your pencil bag, or stab you through your pocket. Just don't show anyone it, or else they might wonder why a pen would need two caps.

Note: the pen does not actually write that faintly, it was just poor lighting when I was making the video.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Another thing you can do is cut off the top of the cap, instead of cutting off a portion of the side, to expose the tip of the true pen.

    Thanks. I was going to do the Nwod Edispu (upside down) pen, but what I like about the Sdrawkcab pen is that it has the word Draw in it, which made it relating to a pen.