The Secret(ly Organized)-DVD-CD-#8 O-Ring, Holder-Hider-Compartment!

before I did this I would lose track of my most useful cd. hiren
even in a colored cd case it spent days under newspapers.
I thought I would cut down a DVD case and glue pronged part near my monitor, I did not consider the dust when I cut the cases down to the nub, I might leave the lip, if I do this again.

Design considerations:

1 I just needed a special place to keep a boot-repair-test disk
I ended up making 2, (the one under the drawer is just for a contest.)you should figure out what you need or what will fit.

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2 DVD cases are more readily cut than the clear plastic cd cases

--test the release some hold some release some do neither

3 I recommend using double sided (foam) tape, but used the first glue I came upon. 4 measure: I kept the case and used it to verify that a cd would fit without hitting the edges. I guarantee 2 1/2" away and 5" apart is enough.

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