The Servo in IoT

Introduction: The Servo in IoT

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Servo arm will be IoT.

I'm using the Google machine translation.


Connect the servo arm to the cloud.

Cloud use the Heroku or Bluemix or AWS, and the like.

It will install the Node-RED to the server and Raspberry PI.

Two Node-REDs will to work together in Websocket.

The client is a WEB browser.







Step 1: Preparation(準備)

(1) The servo arm to 3D printing.

(2) The cloud server install Node-RED, and Raspberry PI install Node-RED.

  • Install the UI nodes for Node-RED.

  • Install the node-red-node-arduino.

(3) To connect the Raspberry PI, Arduino, and Servo arm.

  • Raspberry PI and Arduino connect a USB or UART.
  • Arduino install the standard-firmata.


(2)クラウドサーバとRaspberry PIにNode-REDをインストールしてください。

追加でUI nodes for Node-REDをインストールして下さい。

さらにnode-red-node-arduino をインストールして下さい。




Step 2: Cloud-side Setting(クラウド側設定)

(1) flow import

source: base_server.json

(2) configration

picture(1): Websocket URL “/api/arm” change.

var wsurl = "wss://" + + "/api/arm";

picture(2): Point is multi clients send message.

delete msg._session;

return msg;

(3) test with web browser

https://your cloud server url/install setting uri/arm


picture(3): If you are connected to the cloud server, it will return a value.

Step 3: Raspberry-PI Side Setting(Raspberry PI側設定)

(1) flow import

source: base_raspberry.json

(2) configration

picture(1): URL change your Server name

eg. wss://

picture(2): arduino Serial port

/dev/ttyAMA0 is gpio pin(TX,RX)

/dev/ttyUSB0 is USB

(3) test with ui panel

http://raspberry pi local ip/install setting uri/ui


Step 4: Run(実行)

(1) Running in the browser

https://your cloud server url/install setting uri/arm

end of line.

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