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My project is a sewn wall. While my great-grandma lived in her huge open home her winter heating bill was huge. She lived on a fixed income and didnt have money to remodel her home. I loved to sew though I am an amateur so I came up with an idea for a fabric wall.

Step 1:

I purchased thick fabric that was very appealing to the eye. I wanted an original wall papered look and I finally found the perfect fabric.

Step 2:

I meaured the opening of the entryway between her small dining room and the huge living room. I added 5" to both the width and the length. That is the size I used to cut for the wall.

Step 3:

I hemmed each side and at the top I made a slot that would hold a 1.5" dowel or PVC pipe from which the wall was hung.

Step 4: The Sewable Wall

After sewing it up we hung it and it fit beautifully. I did take a tack and put one on each side into the wall facing so it would not come open. This wall turned out perfect since it cut down on heating bills tremendously and it was portable and easy to take down and put back up. Today someone else lives in the house and the wall is still used. Several people have mistaken it for a wall papered wall. It's amazing how much heating gas has been saved by this fabric wall.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!! Yes her bill was about $300 a month for heating gas and it went down to about $100 a month. The space we blocked off was extremely large. I purchased relatively thick fabric and it worked perfect. The Plus side was its so easy to take down for spring and summer and fold up and store in a closet. Thanks again!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    What a terrific idea! Do you know how much this helped reduce your great-grandmother's heating bill?


    10 years ago

    Hey I think I have it complete now...Please check when you have time!! :) Thank you :)