The Shadow a Knex Sniper Rifle

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The shadow takes the good stock and cheek rest from the bumblebee and the body and turret from my tormentor and combines it with Lucas the boss's sniper scope off of his lkss (credit given) to turn it into a furious sniper rifle

Some stats
Range (finammo) 185 ft
Tr-8 turret (8 rounds)
Lucas the boss's scope (I modified it some)
EXTREMELY light trigger pull
Hairpin trigger

NOTE the gun holding the rifle up seen is a project of mine that has a removable mag in the handle



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Great gun! For a pin based that's truly fantastic range, even for a turret gun. Try making a belt fed gun, you could have the range and such of a turret gun as you can design the holding "links" to have the same release design but you wouldn't need a large turret on the front. That would be really awesome. If you want I can help you with the mech after I post my gun.

    Yeah I had them all on at the same time (i was eating the pin didn't break lol) and used finammo PS sorry for getting all defensive I just hate when people accuse me of lying


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Oodammo can not get 185 feet. Even off a hill. I can believe very far ranges, but Oodammo can not go more then 120 feet. And that's with 7 #64 bands. Sorry, I have a very difficult time imagining that this gun with those rather sad rubber bands will get that. And the people who won't believe 100 feet will never believe this.

    On the positive side, it's a great gun! It looks very interesting with the stock and scope. Good job! :D Does the trigger block the pin reliably?