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Introduction: Shed Work Shop

About: Backyard builder who enjoys building things and constructing props from my favorite video games and movies, making furniture, and trying out new ideas. Mostly with as much recycled materials as I can possibl...

This is my man cave/workshop. It serves its purpose well providing a cool place to complete my crazy projects and hide out. Equiped with a nice big 4'X8' work table, a side table with storage space underneath with window for natural light, a homemade barrel stove for some cheap heat, tv for video gaming, tunes from my radio, and lots of storage above for everything else (you can't see it but its where im standing when the picture was taken).
I love constructing new things but I also really like reusing old stuff to make them useful again. Many things in my shop borrow from this moto.



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    I love your shop....if I could clean my out and organize it might look nice...haaaaa

    Hi there ! this Omega box lokk like the super cool box all over the "God of war" games on playstation! Will it glow alternativly with all tree colors and will you add a super front aluminium or steel bar ? That can be a super cool instructable ! Oh and by the way I'll do the same big table of yours in my futur shed I plan to get with my futur house.

    Thanks man. Originally i was going to make an instructable for it but unfortunatly i lost most of my early pictures off my camera. So i dont have any earlier picts, but i'm still going to document the rest of the build.
    I stuck a green light in there and it looks pretty sweet in the dark too.