The Shifting Knex Concept Gun Collaboration

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

FIRST OFF: Special thanks to Blue Mullet (check out his YouTube channel at Blue Mullet Knex for a vid of this gun [upcoming] and other cool things) He really made this idea come to life and function properly and it wouldn't have happened without him! "CLAPS"

DESCRIPTION: The switch (as I will now call it) uses a unique mech that takes vertical energy and converts it to horizontal energy (again this will be much clearer in Blue Mullets video).

MECH DESCRIPTION: The gun has two chunks of knex (one vertical and one horizontal [with the pin attached] in the rear of the gun) when the vertical chunk is released it slams into the horizontal chunk thus forcing it forwards (slamming the attached pin into the ammo) firing it from the mag.


Range: 5-20 ft (these are the ranges we have gotten. The range is incredibly dependent on your bands [the trigger can hold an insane amount of bands] and your range may vary)

Mag: pre load able mag that holds 4-5 rounds of grey connector-green rod-orange connector ammo

Mech: Very smooth and light trigger. Pull down pin.


New never seen before design

Compact (the gun could be around 1.5 ft without all of my extras)

Very sturdy (7 layers)

Mag lock

Tactical rail


Crap range

Low mag capacity

Awkward trigger (rolls up when cocked)

Somewhat heavy (for its size)

Kind of ugly


The switch is a very cool gun utilizing a new mech but sadly gets almost no range and requires a few cut rods to work (it will use less if you don't add the seventh layer). I personally like the gun but your opinion may vary! Batteries not included Ages 0+ May contain small parts which pose a choking hazard Warning do not aim at the face or body of another person Fun to play with but not to eat XD




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    8 Discussions

    Knextremely stupid

    3 years ago

    Yeah I had a great time working with you! You were a bit beyond me at times lol!

    dr. richtofen

    3 years ago

    While the idea itself is pretty cool, it's pretty ineficient. Since the pin that slams into the ammo has no means of forward propulsion, other than the impact of the vertical block, it'll only lose speed. Friction from the gun itself, and air resistance will make the shot weaker than if you'd only use a standard pin.
    The biggest use I see for this particular mech is in a bullpup gun. If you can place the vertical block in the very back of the stock, use a very short pin to propel the ammo, and a magazine as close as possible to the back, you could make a very compact gun.

    Like I said, the idea is alright, it's just that it's ineficient compared to a "standard" pin gun. Cool to see something different, though.

    1 reply

    Yeah! It was never meant to be powerful but it was built just to see it could be done or expanded on! We could get more power of we blocked the vertical part down further and had it slam into the horizontal part instead of merely pushing it.


    3 years ago

    Very cool! I'd like to see the concept expanded for better range, nut good work! Keep em coming!