The Shrapnel Spreader K.T.B (Knex Time Bomb)




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Check my Sipriani Rifle too!

This is the first ever knex time bomb on the site!
It has a range of 3.5 ft.
The timer is about 22 seconds with two 64# rubberbands tied together.

-strong bottom
-block trigger system
-pretty good range
-can keep up to 23 white rods in the spreader
-uses a firing pin

-spreader isn't strongly attached to the bottom

For short:
It's a recommandable time bomb.

If you have any questions or problems please contact me on my orangeboard.

Step 1: The Trigger Stopper

This part is for stopping the trigger from blowing the spreader of the top.

Step 2: The Timer

you can make the wire as long as you want
one 64# rubberband is 6 to 8 seconds on the timer.

Step 3: Bottom (stand)

This part is the support for the spreader.

The engine is the blue one out the Starburst Spinner Set.

Step 4: The Spreader

this part is required since it holds the white rods that need to be shot.

Step 5: Trigger Track

This part is for letting the trigger go straight so it won't pull the trigger in a weird direction making the trigger shoot away.

Step 6: Putting Together

pic 1: Trigger stopper + Bottom
pic 2: put them together
pic 3: Spreader + Bottom
pic 4: put them together
pic 5: Trigger Track + Spreader
pic 6: put them together
pic 7: Timer + Bottom
pic 8: put it in
pic 9: Timer holder + Timer
pic 10: put it in

Time Bomb Completed

Step 7: It's Done!!!

So you've built yourself the Shrapnel Spreader K.T.B.
have freaking much fun with my knex time bomb!!!

The best shrapnel: white rods



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