The Simplest Backpacking Pillow

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Intro: The Simplest Backpacking Pillow

For the ultralight backpacker,a comfy pillow may not be first priority on the packing list.Sleeping on a flattened ,rolled up pile of stinky clothes can lead to a horrible night sleep through,So in this instructables I will show you how to make a simple pillow using some balloons and a backpack , and ensure that your sleep is not spoiled :)

Step 1: You Only Need Only These Things !

You will need the following :

  • Balloons
  • A Backpack

Step 2: Fill & Tie

Blow up balloon with your breath, and tie it .

You can adjust the amount of air for more comfort,

Step 3: Insert Balloons Into the Bag

Fill balloons into the backpack and close the backpack.

Step 4: Try This Out !

Try this trick on your home too...

Thank you :)



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    Brian M V

    3 months ago

    If anything, at least good for a laugh!
    But then again adding balloons doesn't weigh a thing!
    i might actually try this on my next camping trip!
    One big, half inflated ballon wrapped in a t-shirt or something! :D