The Sims 2: Nintendo DS (Find Nuclear Rods and Put Them Into the Furnace in the Furnace) Walk Through Guide

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In this instructable I will be a walk through guide on how to complete the first mission on The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS. All copyrights go to Maxis for the instructable cover of the Sims.

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Step 1: Main Lobby

In the Main Lobby there are already three Nuclear Rods laying upon the floor waiting for you to pick them up. All you need to do to complete this instructable is to use your ➕ Button to walk. That's pretty smile to function so pressing up will make your sim walk forwards and so forth. To run instead of walking click the 'B' Button to go places more faster.
Once you have approached the Nuclear Rods you can either use your Status onto the display screen and click the "Pick Up" button.
Or you can just click the 'A' Button. There's techniques will be used to complete this mission. Once you have picked up all the Nuclear Rods from the Main Lobby you will then walk through the door by walking through it.

Step 2: Basement Pt 1

As you are going down the stairs you will notice that there's further more Nuclear Rods laying upon the floor guiding the player where to go. So pick up all the Nuclear Rods in the first part of the Basement.

Step 3: Furnace Room

"Thus is the heart of the Strangetown Hotel. This Reactor needs Nuclear Rods in order to supply power to the hotel."

Once you have collect all Six Nuclear Rods walk towards the furnace which the door should open up itself as you approach it. Then you are given two choices:
1). Add 1 Fuel Rod
2). Refuel to max
Here your better off picking the second choice as it is quickly. Either way it wouldn't affect the process of the game. Once you have done that make your way back to the counter.

Step 4:

As Concierge explains to you that each Nuclear Rod will give power to your hotel for 3 days. But if your lazy then you can add 6 Nuclear Rods which you don't need to worry about supplying power to the hotel for 18 Days!

Afterwards Concierge will then hand you a letter which he claims that you have dropped this behind his computer monitor after you have left. Here's the note: "There's a reason for everything, (Name of Sim). The sun shines, the earth spins, and smart people like you run hotels. Good luck...the citizens of Strangetown need your help."

Then once you have read that letter you, Jebediah S. Jerky and Concierge engage in a conversation after that you completed your very first mission on The Sims 2! CONGRATULATIONS ?

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    Easter Egg Hack

    2 years ago

    Here are some links to some useful information if you wish to look at:

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