The Sly Cooper Cane Boffer

Introduction: The Sly Cooper Cane Boffer

About: I basically make a ton of boffers. quite a few of them are based on their counterparts in video games. my page will be dedicated to boffers For those uneducated in boffering, basically you beat the stuffing ...

The simplicity of a staff. The brutal blade of a Khopesh. These two combine to form the Sly Cooper Cane, Now, I haven't played the sly cooper games, (I don't own a Play Station), I was given the idea to make one of these a few months ago (thanks Thing 2). Now I finally got around to it. After a few months. I procrastinate. I am sorry about the camera quality, it was the best I could do at this time. Also, this 'ible involves dangerous methods for bending the pipe. Do it at your own risk.

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Step 1: Materials.

You will need:
 -5 Feet of PVC pipe.
 -Pipe insulation
 -A Hacksaw
 -Black and Yellow Duct tape
 -A tape Measure
 -Electrical Tape

Step 2: Cut and Bend the Pipe

Cut the Pipe to roughly 5 feet with a hacksaw. I don't believe this needs any pictures. The Bending is the most difficult part of this whole process. Our goal is a hook like the one in the picture. Start with putting one end in, and slowly bending it to a crook like shape as shown. Then pour the water over it until you can bend it, and do so. Play around with the shape.

Step 3: Foam!

Now we need to cover it in foam. use the pipe insulation and slip it on until about a foot after the bend in the handle. then tape it in place. At the tip, cut it with a few inches extra. to get the shape of the tip, assemble the pieces as shown in the picture.

Step 4:

Wrap the blade first in yellow. It'll be impossible to avoid wrinkles over time, so don't worry about it too much here. Then wrap nthe handle starting a few inches below the start of the curve black, all the way down to the handle. Then, for your comfort, wrap the part of the handle past the foam in electrical tape. Trust me, it feels better.

Step 5: A Word on Fighting and Conclusions.

Please note that  is not the most practical boffer ever. If you spend all your time with it yoinking (Grabbing things with the hook. I know it's not a real term) Stuff that's too heavy, or has force behind it (i.e., boffers) you will lose that barb. So to use it, I implore you swing with the bend out. Now that you know, thank you for reading, i quite appreciate the comments. Feel free to leave more suggestions, I'm open to them.

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