The Smooth Sounds of Wood



Introduction: The Smooth Sounds of Wood

After my second boom box (yeah I said boom box) went down on me because of a copious amount of dust in its interior, I needed something with very little complexity & moving parts, so I set out to create just that

Step 1: Do This

One day while looking in the trash, I found a Budlight box that you could plug a music playing device into that had speaker built into it. I pulled the speaker out of the box, painted it gold ( just becuase i dig in the trash doesnt mean I don't have class) then put it inside a block of wood that I used a dark stain on. I then took a small metal rod and small piece of wood and made a place for my phone to sit.

Step 2: Now You Got This

And now you too can enjoy the Smooth Sounds of Wood.

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