"The Solar Baby" Solar Oven, Cooker.




       Another Solar Oven made mostly of recycled material. It is gimbled so cooking pot stays level while oven rotates. Lightweight and breaks down into 2 pieces for storage.

Step 1: "Solar Baby" Solar Oven

   The Solar Baby (named by Aunt Phylly) is a small solar oven made of recycled materials. It reaches 325 degrees in the winter Arizona sun. All measurements are determined by the size glass that you find. Tempered glass is recomended as it gets very hot. You can build this bigger, I had one that would cook a whole chicken in 2 hrs.

Step 2:

    For this oven I found an 8x10 picture frame for 99 cents at Goodwill. The wood from a remodel we walked by. Had to buy hinges and latches from a recycle store. 2 big popcorn cans, fiberglass insulation from a construction site. Aluminum paint roller tray grate 1.99 at walmart, metal coat hanger, Alumimum foil. Most of the work was done with a dremel tool and saber saw. 1/2 the outside length determines the radius of the outside dremel cut. another cut 3/4 inch inside for the inside tin. Build the stand 1/2 inch wider than the curved oven. Elmers glue for the aluminum foil ends

Step 3:

   The reflectors are 1/8 plywood set at a 60 degree angle. Beveled edged for a good Gorrilla Glue seam. Glued on aluminum foil. Glued the reflectors to picture frame. Used 2 removable pin hinges and 2 latches between wood picture frame and curved box.

Step 4:

    The reflectors hinge foward to load the oven and can be removed and stored inverted over the top of the cooker. The pin in the side adjusts the cooker to the sun angle. 305 degrees in January. I used coat hanger wire to suspend a grill cut from the paint roller grill and double nutted them to the pivit bolts so the grill stays level when the reflectors and oven rotate . Hope this helps you get started on a fun and useful project. If you like this project I am entered in the Shopbot contest and would like any votes i can get. Thanks for looking.

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    8 Discussions


    6 months ago

    hey can you send me the measurements for this cooker please? the size of the wood, etc.


    1 year ago

    I like this design (solar array based cooker). This is something I can incorporate as I gather enough information. In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate Cover based cooker.

    In my own definition, a cover base cooker is when you have a removable top. I like this idea, because I can use the top for another cooker with a similar diameter (think of the solavore oven). This design allows me to take full advantage of the cooking space. But unlike the solavore, it would be a much larger cooker that I can put a roasting pan in it.

    I'm still trying to figure out if I should paint it all black or use reflectors inside the box. Should these reflectors be tiles, the metal plates used at printing shops, or the aluminum plates used on some parabolic cookers.

    Any extra material would put weight on the box. To reduce the weight, I could use the vinyl reflective film, but I don't think they can stand the heat.

    I do not want to go back over to fix this problem, so I need some direction.

    With that said, I want this cooker to be a high temperature cooker with a large capacity. This will allow me to cook big food items that is not possible at this time.

    I also want to cook several things at the same time, So it is a plus to have the capacity.

    Could something 24" x 24" be just as capable as something about 12" x 18"?

    An idea has clicked in my head today. Make the 12" x 18" top and maintain a 24" x 24" bottom. My thought is it would keep the heat from escaping. But it has more to do with the cost of including a picture frame to this design.

    Also, there is a low cut design for low sun. But right now, this is it for now.

    Nicely done. I have been putting off trying one of these. I think you gave me the motivation I needed. I like the use of the roller grill suspended inside. Good job!


    3 years ago

    Nice design, be great if you could put some plans out.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great job !
    Well explained.
    Makes it very tempting and yummy !…
    Now let's visit Solar Baby n°2

    (had already visited the cardboard version page : shows your projects are real catches !)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice model. I am from Netherland but live in the Philippines and cook almost every day if we have sun in my simple solarcooker.
    I cook rice, potatoes, banana, meat but can not fry in the one I use.

    Look for more about the solarcooking


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This set-up is very clever. You have rather less writen instructions than I expected, but you made up for it in very well thought out pictures. I had to search back and forth in the pictures to see how you hung the tray to hold the food. At first I thought it should be easily seen in the picture with the bread in it, but I can't see it there, then I found a peek at it in the picture where you have the top tilted forward for loading.
    Thank you for taking the time to post this for us.