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The Soloman Man is a series of flat knots on a core with Feet, Head and Arms. It's a rather simple knot once you get used to it and is an interesting conversation piece when you have it hanging behind you at work. In this Ible, I will show you how to make the Soloman Man from start to finish.

This is my First Ible so please let me know how I have done.

Thank You and Enjoy!

Step 1: Cordage

I have made this little guy with everything from standard rope to cooking twine. My son even has one he chews on made from 550 cord. It does not work well with slick nylon rope as it does not hold, pretty much anything that will hold a good knot will do.

The length of your cord will obviously dictate the size of your Soloman Man, trial and error is how I learned how much to use. The length here is 8' long. End product is roughly 12" from feet to head.

Step 2: Fold the Rope in Half

Fold the cordage in half, making sure that the ends line up. Now would be a good time to seal your ends if they are frayed. Frayed ends are lazy and ugly. Melting the ends with a lighter is more than adequate.

Step 3: Start the Core or "Body"

Once the rope is folded in half, you will need to bring the rounded end in on itself to make the "Body" of the Soloman Man. Again, the length of the Body will dictate how tall he will be. The rounded end on the bottom will be his head.

To make things easier to understand I will be labeling each Running End
We will be calling the Running End on the Right "Line A" and the running end on the Left "Line B".

Line A
will always be the one on the  Right Side

Line B  will always be the one on the Left Side

Step 4: Make the Feet

Here we will be starting the feet and where the knots start. Take Line A and run it under the body and over Line B.

Once done, take Line B and run it over the body and into the loop that we made with Line A.

Step 5: Starting the Knots

Here is where we actually "make" the Soloman Man. The body can be tedious if you have never tried this type of knot tying before but trial, error and practice make it easier over time. One thing to remember is that if it doesn't look right, it probably isn't. There are only two ways you can tie the Running Ends around the body and one will be right. Trust me, you'll see what I mean. ;)

Take Line A and run it over the Body and under Line B.

Take Line B and run it under the Body and up through the loop created from Line A.

Step 6: Tighten the Knot

Before Tightening the first knot you will want to make sure that your "Feet" are the same size and clean.

Once you tighten the knot you will see how each knot will look. There is a straight line on the left and a loop on the right of the body. Each knot here after will be opposite of the last as you will see in the next steps.

Step 7: Second Knot

The idea is to rotate the running ends between being on top or going underneath.

Now run Line A underneath the Body and over Line B.

After that, Run Line B over the Body and down through the loop from Line A.

Tighten knot.

Rinse and Repeat, rotating lines under and over.

Step 8: Knot It Up

Keep adding knots.

Refer to Steps 6 and 7 for added knots.

Step 9: Almost Done

This picture shows the Body knotted to the head.

It does not matter how many Knots that you have on the Body. Just make sure that the head size is equivalent.

Step 10: Make Some Arms and Done!

Once you have gotten the knots to the head and you are happy with it just simply put some Granny Knots in the arms and Presto! You're done!

Grab a little colored cordage and make a "Wig" and you'll have a Soloman Woman to keep your new buddy company!

I hope you enjoyed my First Instructable and more importantly the making of your own Soloman Man. Once you get the hang of it you can do it in a matter of minutes, make great conversation starters and giggles from kids in a flash!

Have fun and Thank You for viewing!



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7 years ago on Introduction

I've been tying these using paracord with little rare earth magnets in the hands and feet. got em' hangin' all over my my fridge. :)

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Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Nice idea, I don't think my wife would go for it. She didn't much care for the one I hid in her purse last week. :)