The Spear of the Beast (Ushio to Tora Anime)




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Inspired from the anime Tora to Ushio, I made this spear just for fun. But you can also make a diorama with it.

The materials:

- Steel for the blade

- Motorcycle spoke for staff

- lining pig skin

- Brass tube

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Step 1: The Pattern.

You can find easily the pattern (reference) of the Spear with key word "Beast Spear" on Goggle

Step 2: Sketch the Outline on the Metal

I used my scriber pen to draw some basic outlines of the spear.

Step 3: The Hard Work Begins

I used hack-saw to make it to shape.

Step 4: File It to Shape

This this the most time-consuming part because I don't have any power tool so I had to file the blade to the last shape.

Step 5: Blacken the Blade

When the final shape is done, drill a hole for the spoke then blacken it by burning it and deeping it in oil.

It's almost done, add brass tube and the pig skin (or you may use cloth) for detail.

Thanks for reading and sorry about my english.

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    Reply 3 years ago

    All file work, it took me about 11 hours and I only used 2 files: 1 bastard and 1 fine file.