The Spice of Life - Animated Vegetable Curry Recipe

Introduction: The Spice of Life - Animated Vegetable Curry Recipe

About: I am passionate about organic farming and food. We have a small homestead or rather a forest garden with rare breed poultry, fantail pigeons and quail. It is situated near one of the most famous French touri...

Start from scratch, step by step organic curry animation, which emphasizes not only that the ancient spices used were for taste but also to promote both physical and mental health. Recette curry - bio animée en français et anglais.
There is also a written description and recipe under the video on youtube.



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    I can't upload it - this is all I get every time I try to embed it from youtube Pavlovafowl. Apparently there is some sort of conflict in the software since youtube updated their code. I have more animated recipes and videos about organic poultry but I can't get any of them to embed on this site. I will try again! Sorry!

    Let me see what I can find out about this. Maybe screen shots in a step-by-step format is the way to go in the meantime!