The Steampunker's Vacuum Data Tube

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Dear Steampunkers, dear friends

There is nothing nicer than a quiet evening in my laboratory after a hard working day. For me the best way to relax and to be creativ. The following short instructables may gives you a new inspiration for a small evening project which is possibel to finish within two or three hours. I always get a lot of positive power from this small projects which I can use then for my bigger goals...

The "Steampunker's Vacuum Data Tube" is a small USB Memory Device which fits perfectly to every Steampunk Computer.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

For this small project I used some parts from my "storage" of brass metal pieces, an old broken Vacuum Tube, an USB memory stick from a promotional gift, a cable with USB plug, a wooden drip-mat, the mechanical part from a broken pressure gauge, and some other parts for decoration.

Step 2: The USB Memory Device

I stripped the memory stick from the plastic cover and soldered the cable to the four pins. Then I protected the electronic with some black tape...

Step 3: The Base

I choosed from my "storage" some fitting brass rings and mounted them on the wooden drip-mat. Then I placed the prepared USB device...

Step 4: The Vacuum Tube

The vacuum tube fitted exactly into the brass tube and the base from the old pressure gauge gives the whole composition an interesting look which remembers an old steam machine...

Step 5: The Finish

For decoration I used some copper wire which I shaped to a spring using a pen. To connect the wire to the glass from the tube I used a small brass fitting, which I glued with superglue to the glass of the vacuum tube...

Step 6: The Steampunker's Vacuum Data Tube

Hope I could give you with this small project some inspiration for your next creation. It's possible to create something very special in a few simple steps! I promise you, you will go to bed with a great feeling of success after you finishes such a thing in only a few hours of creative work.

Sincerely yours

The Chocolatist



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    Thank you very much for your comment and your interest!! Your positive feedbacks powers for the next projects.... Cheers The Chocolatist


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Glad I put you on my to follow list, your stuff is top notch.
    I sure hope the winter brings more projects from all the steampunk artists.

    1 reply

    Hi Longwinters! Sorry for my very very late reply. Seems I passed a lot here at Instructables ;-) Now it's winter again - and my laboratory is under steam!!

    Winged Fist

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome steampunk USB Chocolatist! Really looks like something produced in the 19th century! And thanks for sharing the great photo of your "storage";-) 5 stars!

    1 reply

    Hi Winged Fist

    Thanks a lot for your comment. Makes me happy that you like this small project and thanks a lot for the 5 stars. Sincerely The Chocolatist