The Stepper Motor

Intro: The Stepper Motor

These are the steps to make a stepper motor. Above is the finished project.

Step 1: Materials

First you get all your supplies.

1. a stepper motor

2.6 male to female wires

3. 1 arduino uno

4. one computer cord for arduino uno

Step 2: Where the Male to Female Wires Go in the Uno

  1. one goes in 8
  2. one goes in -9
  3. one goes in -10
  4. one goes in -11
  5. one goes in ground (after 13)
  6. one goes in 5v (on other side)

Step 3: Where the Wires Go on H Bridge

  1. one goes in 1 N1
  2. one goes in 1 N2
  3. one goes in 1 N3
  4. one goes in 1 N4
  5. one goes in 5 (on the other side)
  6. one goes in v (the one to the left of resistors)

Step 4:

Look up "Stepper motor code" then download on codebender.



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    9 months ago

    Thanks for sharing :) You should post the link to the code you used as well.