The Stilts-Styled Quail House

Quail is a collective name for several genus of mid-sized birds generally considered in the order Galliformes. The egg is well known foodstuff.

The Stilts Styled Quail House is designed considering environmental protection and breeding efficiency. It is designed for easily attaching extensions and cost effective.

The quail house is stilts styled. By the stilts styled design, it can easily  be placed at slope or uneven terrain. The cage is located at height of human being's breast. Quail are walking around at height of human being's breast. So, breeders can easily watch the condition of quail, without stooping. By walking under the cage of the quail house, the breeders can easily move to opposite side of the quail house.

Many birds cages are manufactured with plastic or aluminum for research and development of mass production technology, but this stilts styled quail house uses timber for easily incineration. So It is suited for not only in house garden but also school or primeval forest. It looks like Japanese shrine architecture, so it may be suited for shrine or temple also.

Generally, keeping clean of the cage is necessary for quail. The quail house is designed considering cleaning efficiency. The internal space is divided by a partition, so two areas are in the space of the quail house. The floor boards are laid in each areas. Moving the quail to another area, and cleaning one side's floor, and after that you can clean another side's floor. If you set the center partition board full time, two varieties can be kept on the quail house, but it is usually used for one type quail.

The quail house is stilts styled but tiger cats can easily ride on the roof. On the roof or the ground, cats can perseveringly wait for hunting chance at gaps of the cage. When quail are walking near the front panel of the cage, unfortunately quail may be caught by cats sometimes. With duplicating the front panel, the risk can be reduced, but if there is no cats, it's meaningless. So I will offer two types of the quail house, anti cat's attack version or normal version. If there is no cats in your garden, normal version is recommended.

The shape of roof part of the quail house is Right-angled triangle. Because of right angle of the top of the roof, material of roof board can be easily replaced. Understanding of elementary geometric is required for constructing this house, so it can be used for mathematical education for Junior High School Students as a teaching material.

This stilts styled quail house is designed as quail house, but it can be use for any other birds, cat or mouse. But this is too small to use as a hen house except for bantam.



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    What unit are the measurements in? Feet? Inches? I can't quite tell

    Great job! have you thought of making this as a Youtube video? If it is of any help take a look at the construction ones we (Pavlovafowl is my wife) have done, such as the Low cost, 5 dollar greenhouse or our pallet wood hen house. I think your quail house would make a great video! Best Wishes, from France, Organikmechanic aka Andy

    1 reply

    Thanks for comments! Because I used four clamps and four small 10mmx10mm lumbers as auxiliary material for gluing, so video is more helpful for viewers. Gluing may be a little sensitive task. I will consider it.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really professionally presented Instructable - chapeau! as we say in French. It would fit really well inside our greenhouse in the Winter, then I could take them out during the day and let them run about. I would also make mine out of untreated pallet wood, which is available here for free! In addition I would have to add cones to the stilts to stop rats, which we do get on odd occasions and are the worst predators for our quail. As for aesthetics, I love the delicate-structured Easten feel to it, which so suits the quail, Great job and thanks for posting! Best Wishes Pavlovafowl aka Sue