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All furniture such as stool, chair, floor lamp, and so on need a base, it can be circle or square bases, if it don’t have legs. The idea is to make a base look different, and I like the shadow idea. In this case, I started with the retro bike seat that a little over size, and I decided to use the shadow as a base. It works very well.

The Stool dimension: Height 63 centimeters

The retro bike seat dimension: width 15 X Length 32 centimeters (and shadow base is 2 centimeters bigger than a retro bike seat overall.

Supplies that you need to do the stool SHADOW project.

1. Retro bike seat. (or any bike seat, not too small)

2. Metal tube ¾ inches. (length of the seat’s post is up to the user’s height)

3. Metal thickness about 3-4 millimeters.

4. Plasma metal cutter and jigsaw.

5. Some cardboard, plywood.

6. Spray paints. (orange, black, white or any colors)

Step 1: Tracing the Seat Outline

Tracing the outline of a retro bike seat on to the cardboard, but make it 2 centimeters a little bigger overall dimension and cut the cardboard into the bike seat’s shape. To see the overall base dimension. (if it too small, you can’t be able to seat) Next trace the outline of the seat from the cardboard on to the plywood 3- 4 millimeter thickness, it should be easy to cut with the jigsaw.

Step 2: Plasma Cut Metal

It is time to use plasma metal cutter. Clamp the plywood bike seat’s shape to the metal. Then use the plasma torch cut along the edge of the plywood bike seat’s shape. At this point you need to wear eyes and all protection clothing. When finished you need to grind the shadow base to make the edge smooth and sanding the surface, get ready to paint.

Step 3: Cut Seat's Post

The (seat’s post) metal tube need to be cut according to the size of the user. Make sure it not too short or too tall. It will not sit comfortable. After that you need to sand the surface and get ready to paint.

Step 4: Spray Paints

Now it spray painting, for the seat’s post you spray white paint for primer and let it dry, after that use orange spray paint for the finishing. For the shadow base spray black paint and let it dry, then spray black paint again and again.

Note: I use flat black color for the shadow base, so it not too shiny. Make sure you attach the small round rubber bases at the bottom of the shadow base.

Step 5: Attach the Retro Bike Seat

Last process is to attach the retro bike seat to the seat’s post by loosen the nuts on both side and adjust the seat holder to the seat’s post, then tighten the nuts on both side tightly.

Special Thanks to; Mr. Noom



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    2 years ago

    Looks very cool and seems easy to make.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1 reply
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    Cool! Nicely done.