The Storm 22 K'NEX Pistol

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Hi, this is my 5th knex gun posted, and my 9th instructable.
This is a pistol that comes with an optional sling for easy access and storage for knex wars and for fun. It features an internal hopper, true trigger and comfy handle.

Version history
  • V1.0: a single shot, though quite good looking and powerful pistol.
  • V1.1: I added a better firing pin
  • V1.2: I made the internal hopper and sling.

True trigger
comfy handle
6 shots with hopper
Easy acces/storage, with 1 hand able pickup.

Jams occasionally
You need 2 hands to put it away
Takes an age to reload

Step 1: Parts List - Thanks to Knexsuperbulderfreak


dark gray:15
lt gray:2
tan clip:9
gray spacer:2
blue clip:1

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

Here you will build the handle and trigger (duh)
1. The aim
2. Build these
3. Put on the trigger
4. Attach side and your done!

Step 3: Body Outsides

Here you will be making a boat. I mean the sides.
1. Make these
2. view of 1
3. View of 3
4. Connect them together

Step 4: Innards and Connecting Them

Here you will make a million. I mean the entire body.
1. Make these

Step 5: Connecting the Handle to the Body

Here you will connect the Otter to the Moose. I mean the Handle to the Body.
1. This is a close up.
2. This is the completed gun.
3. Add this, i forgot to add the second side of the mag.

Step 6: Adding Rubberbands, Loading, Firing, and Attaching to the Holster.

Now you are going to add the spaceship to the banana, and learn how to load the phone and then fire the camera. I mean add the rubberbands, load the hopper and fire the gun. I need to work on my memory.
1. These are everything you will need.
2. This is the firing pin.add this in the back of the gun, you should see why.
3. Add the long ones over the top of the gun
4. Add this to the trigger
5. The gun is off the holster
6. The gun is now on the holster.

To load, get 6 yellow rods and put them to the left of the green connector wall, then put the grey connector back across so it is not quite attached. Then pull back the firing pin

Well, I hope you have fun with the storm 22 pistol. This makes for ideal carriage for a knex war, so i reccomend you use it. If you have any questions, comment me.

The jamalam



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    umm... one how do i load and how do i use the trigger. i did something wrong and im not sure what....

    well no LOL i thought radio was you (cuz the orange things under u and the pciture its kinda confusing) so i thought you posted like 3 comments to no one. but 1 less so ur still talkin too urself LOL (im weird ikr?)


    10 years ago on Step 2

    can the ball lock or w.e its call be replaced with the one with a nub? you know; like with a tan colored peice? thank you.

    3 replies

    9 years ago on Step 1

     he means white estupido


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Somethings wrong with me, I can't stop modding this gun!
    It's really addictive!

    But now my parents have confiscated it cos my brother said I threatened him with it, which I didn't =( (much)

    Problem is I'll have to canabalise it to build any other K'nex guns in the future =( O well, I'll have the memories.

    1 reply
    The Jamalamroblin90

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ah shame :/ Means you'll be happier when you get it back though.

    How much did you threaten him exactly?

    It doesn't matter, you've got instructions for it if you need it again!