Zoetrope Animation in Your Hat With Gear Action


Introduction: Zoetrope Animation in Your Hat With Gear Action

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 The Story Hat is a portable zoetrope that is concealed in a hat. What's a zoetrope you ask, well it's a old timey machine that allowed people to watch short illustrated animations. This instructable will explain how to build your hat and mechanical workings of the hat. Then its your job to create animations to play in your hat. You can also adapt and personalize your hat to fit your story telling needs.

Step 1: Building Your Story

 What you need to do to make your own Story Hat is to download the instructional pdf file that is at the bottom of this page. This file includes the Story Hat's project diagram, cut out measurements, tools list, and materials list. After you have downloaded this you can watch part one and two of the Story Hat instructional video that will explains how to construct the hat after you have cut the shapes out from the project diagram.

Part 1
Part 2



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