The String King: How to String a Lacrosse Goal



This inscrutable will walk you through how to string up a lacrosse goal. The following instructions will include the materials required in order to complete the task as well as the step by step process of how it is done.

Step 1: Materials

Goal, net, string, and zip ties.

NOTE: string will be wrapped around the net itself.

Step 2: Tie Back of the Net Down

Flip net face down so the back is in the air (see top photo). Place net on the back back corner (see bottom photo).

Step 3: Secure Top Left and Right Corners

Flip net upright (see overview). Zip tie left and right corners into place.

TIP: use the yellow arrow as a reference point for where to place your zip tie

Step 4: Begin Stringing

BE AWARE that the video is for the side but technique is the same for the top.

Find the center of the string. Lace it through the closest hole at top center of the goal. Then string across to one corner then the other.

TIP: use the yellow arrow as a reference point for where to place your zip tie

Step 5: String Down Side

Now string down each side of the goal. Still lacing through the nearest hole, pulling tight and repeating.

Step 6: String Bottom

Flip the net back onto its face once you reach the curved part of the goal on the side. Use the same stringing technique as the side of the goal. (see video for help)

Step 7: Finished Product

Finally finished!! You have successfully strung a lacrosse goal, Thanks for viewing!!



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    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Great directions, the video really makes it easy to follow along :)