The Stunt Plane




Hi everyone, This is an Instructable about how to make The Stunt Plane, designed for stunts and aerobatics.

This Plane does a number of stunts based on Position of holding The Plane or anything else like Angle of holding

The Plane, Position of The Flaps of The Wings.

It is also very easy to fold and calibrate.

NOTE : In the Instructable , in each image one part of paper looks bigger than the other. It is only because camera

is near the bigger appearing part of the paper and both sides are equal.

Step 1: How to Fold It :

1. Take one A4 sized paper.

Step 2:

2. Fold the piece of paper exactly in half longways. Then unfold. You will use the fold you have created as a guide line in later steps.

Step 3:

3. Now fold the corners of the paper so they meet at the center line.

Step 4:

4 . Fold along the highlighted line in the previous image so you get something that looks like the image.

Step 5:

5 . Now fold the corners again at one end of the paper (along the highlighted line) so it meets the center line.

Step 6:

It looks something like this when you fold the corners of the paper second time.

Step 7:

6 . Then do the same thing on the other side.

Step 8:

7 . Fold the tip of the plane along the highlighted line. The tip should meet the point where the other folds cross, as shown in the next image.

Step 9:

It should look something like this.

Step 10:

8 . Refold along the center line, so all the folds you made in steps 3 to 7 are on the outside of the plane.

Step 11:

9 . . Now we're going to fold down the wings.

Consider the following measures :

2.6 cm height on left side

3.8 cm height on right side

Step 12:

Then, fold along the highlighted line formed by joining the two heights (on right and left) in previous image.

Step 13:

10 . Repeat the fold on the other side of the plane, so you have something that looks like the image.

Step 14:

11 . Open the wings out, so you have something that looks like the image.

Step 15:

12 .Flip the plane onto its back.

Fold the fins using the dimensions shown. Because the fuselage is high at the back than the front, the fins need to be folded so that they are slightly taller towards the front than the back - otherwise they would not be parallel with the fuselage, and cause unnecessary drag.

Fuselage means the place you hold the plane (The V-Fold)

Step 16:

It should look like the image when completed folding the flaps.

Step 17:

And You're done



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