The Super Fan Car

Introduction: The Super Fan Car


The Super Fan Car is a revolutionary vehicle powered by a strong fan. Its flawless base made from freshly cut wooden popsicle sticks allows it to reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour!! No other battery and fan powered vehicle of this size comes close to the speeds that the SFC can reach. While very fast, the SFC is also indestructible due to the state of the art hot glue adhesive.


10 x 6" Wooden Popsicle Sticks

2 x 9 Volt Batteries

Hot Glue Gun

2 x Lego Axels

2 x Small Lego Wheels

2 x Large Lego Wheels

4 x Paper Clips

Duct Tape and Electrical Tape

1 x Light Fan

1 x Saw

1 piece of PVC Pipe

Test Results:

The Super Fan Car lived up to its expectations. Once it reached 15 mph, we had to stop it because at those speeds, its meant for the streets. Great success.

Physics Explanation:

Circuits and Kinematics. Simple. The car is powered by a battery; the battery spins the fan which powers the vehicle forward. The battery provides electrical energy through a series circuit to the fan. The fan turns the electric energy to kinetic energy and moves the propellers.

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Step 1: Assembly

Step 1:

Glue together 6 x 6" wooden popsicle sticks together by their sides. Make sure to push them together to ensure that they are as tight together as possible. Refer to the picture to understand the instructions.

Step 2: Assembly

Step 2:

Glue both ends of one of the axels into the larger wheels as shown above. Make sure to let the glue dry and then reinforce the axels inside the wheels with more hot glue.

Then glue both ends of the other axel into the smaller wheels as shown above. Make sure to let the glue dry and then reinforce the axels inside the wheels with more hot glue.

Step 3: Assembly

Step 3:

With the six popsicle sticks that are glued together, glue two more sticks perpendicular to the direction of the six sticks about an inch apart in the center. This will serve as reinforcement.

Afterwards, take one popsicle and saw it in half. Place one half-stick about half an inch to the right and the other one half an inch to the left of the two popsicle sticks in the center. These will also serve as reinforcement.

Then, take one popsicle stick and saw out 4 x 1.5" smaller sticks. After that, saw out a small gap in the middle of each of the four pieces, large enough to place the axel in the gap. Then, glue those smaller pieces in each corner of the side where the reinforcements are. Glue them parallel to the direction of the six original sticks as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Assembly

Step 4:

Place the axels into the gaps that were sawed out. Make sure that the wheels fit in well.

Then, glue 1 paper clip on each gap to make sure that the wheels/axels stay connected to the car and the base.

Step 5: Assemby

Step 5:

Saw out a 4" piece of PVC pipe and use the duct tape to attach the fan to one side of the pipe. Then, drill out a hole in the PVC pipe at the bottom and feed the wires from the fan out of there. After that, glue the PVC pipe down to the side of the wood opposite to the wheels and reinforc

Step 6: Assembly

Step 6:

Finally, tape two batteries down on the wood close to the fan. You will only be using one of the batteries, so tape the wires down to the wood, close to one of the batteries, with the electric tape as shown in the picture.


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    That's such a fun car, and I love its name! Welcome to instructables, and I hope we see more from you in the future!