The Swan Queen, Odette, From Swan Lake

Introduction: The Swan Queen, Odette, From Swan Lake

The beautiful Odette has been transformed into a swan. This project was very easy to construct once we gathered all our supplies.

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Step 1:

Supplies needed: White tulle, white crochet headband, white leotard, white marabou tape, crystal embellishment, mini tiara, 2 white marabou hair clips.  Almost all of our supplies were purchased at HOBBY LOBBY.

Step 2:

We made a typical knot tutu using the crochet headband and the tulle. We made three layers with the top layer being the longest and each other layer being slightly shorter than the one prior. We sewed the marabou around the top of the tutu. 

Step 3:

On the leotard we placed our embellishment on the top center. We then attached the marabou tape around the edge of the top. Unfortunately, it didn't want to stick very well so we sewed it on. 

Step 4:

For the hair we put her hair in a high bun. We put the mini tiara comb in front of the bun and then added a marabou clip to either side of the tiara.

Step 5:

Her makeup was done using a white cream pencil that was blended down to her cheek bones. We also added false eyelashes and eyeliner for added drama.

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