The Sweet Spin- Best Way to Reuse the Waste

Introduction: The Sweet Spin- Best Way to Reuse the Waste

This is my first post to Instructables . Made totally with the items available at home the used leftover ones. This was made for a project for my son. Hope you ll like it.

Step 1: The Sweet Spin Multicoloured Tray Made Out of the Leftover Waste Items at Home

This sweet spin tray is made up of total leftover items found easily at home. Though the items used are shown in the picture but mentioning the same here as well:

  • Base - Used Cake Board left over after the cake is finished
  • Stand- Broken Tape Recorder antenna
  • Bowls- Used Coke Bottles Base
  • Decorations- Left over rope pieces , wool after knitting or reuse, origami fan made out of waste paper, pista shells
  • Antenna Support- Waste Iron Sheet with an unused screw to facilitate the spin


Cut the base of the bottles and cover as much colorful as you can

Cover the cake base with the aluminium foil to give it a shiny look

get the antenna welded on the iron sheet and then place the screws so that the board can rest on the same and can spin easily .

Last but not the least decorate the same with pista shell , stars etc and your extremely creative colorful tray is ready



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    4 Discussions

    I love how u have used the base of bottles to make this useful tray. Thanks your creations from waste are indeed useful. Will try it for my kids school projects


    It is amazing. Love the detailed instructions!!


    2 years ago

    Wonderfully creative...Can't wait to make it at home