The Sweetest Christmas Tree!

Introduction: The Sweetest Christmas Tree!

Quick and easy to make with the kids - a really fun and yummy Christmas decoration!

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Step 1: You Will Need:

Polystyrene or Oasis cone (polystyrene is best as it'll last longer)
Small bucket or flower pot
Sweets with wrappers
Berry pins
Crepe paper
Glitter glue
Hot glue gun/PVA
Cinnamon sticks
Decorator's filler, air dry clay or plaster of paris (to secure the tree in the pot)
Small sharp knife

Step 2: Make a Hole!

First, make a hole in the bottom of the cone, approximately the size of your cinnamon stick and about an inch into the cone. I used a small sharp knife to do this. If you're using Oasis, you should be able to just push the stick in.

Step 3: Insert Stick!

Fill the hole with glue and insert the cinnamon stick. Leave to dry if using PVA

Step 4: Pot It Up!

Put a big blob of glue into your pot and stick the cinnamon to it. It will be more secure if you use a big piece of air-dry clay or even pour plaster into the pot. I just didn't have any!
*Update* I had to make it more sturdy as it was quite wobby with just glue... so I made up some gypsum-based decorator's filler and poured it in the pot,, stuck the tree in, stuffed moss on top and left it to set. It's much more secure now!

Step 5: Add Moss

Put moss into the pot to make it look pretty, and also to hold the stick in place if you've only used glue. Really stuff as much in as you can!

Step 6: Make Like a Tree... and Leaf!

Cut wide strips of crepe paper and glue to the cone, gathering as you go. Keep going with shorter strips until the whole cone is covered.

Step 7: Make It Sparkle!

Decorate your tree with glitter glue so that it still looks pretty and festive even once the chocolates start to disappear!

Step 8: Sweeten It Up!

Once the glue is dry (I left it overnight) attach the chocolates to the tree using the pins. Put as many on as you can - it looks best when really full up.

You might want to make a star for the top.

Then sit back and try to resist temptation! (Keep an extra box of sweets handy to fill in any gaps that mysteriously appear!)

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