The Swinging Triforce Pendulum

Introduction: The Swinging Triforce Pendulum

The goal of the clock project is to create a DIY pendulum clock actuated by weights and gravity that acts as a timer.

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Step 1: CAD - Computer Aided Design - 3D Modeling

Basic Components Needed for Clock:

  1. Escapement Wheel
  2. Pendulum Design OR Create Your Own!!!
  3. Bracket
  4. Base

  • Download the attached files and open them in Autodesk Inventor.
  • Export the files as .stl if they are not in that format.

Step 2: Export Files to As .stl

  1. Export the downloaded files as .stl and save it in a folder that you'll remember.
  2. Open the files in a 3D printer program such as MakerBot, RepetierHost...etc. depending on what 3D printer you have.
  3. Adjust the models such that it prints properly by clicking the "Lay flat" option if available.
  4. If the print bed is not big enough, print the wheel and pendulum files separately.
  5. Scale appropriately so the entire model fits within the 3D printer box.

Step 3: Print Files

  1. After adjusting printing options, export the file once more as a .makerbot, or depending on the printer type, another file name.
  2. Save the 3D-printable file onto an SD card or USB stick and plug into the 3D printer.
  3. Lastly, simply hit start printing!!!

Step 4: Assembling the Clock

  1. Mount the escapement wheel and pendulum onto a wooden or acrylic post OR even a wall in you home!
  2. Make sure you press fit bearings for the wheel and pendulum that are 0.25'' and 0.355'' respectively.
  3. Drill clearance holes for #10-32 1/2" flathead screws and attach base to bracket.
  4. Drill clearance holes for #8-32 1/2" roundhead screws and attach bracket to upright post.
  5. Lastly, attach weights to the escapement wheel axle on the back of the clock to keep it ticking.


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