The Swirlamura Lock: an Unusual Paper Airplane

Introduction: The Swirlamura Lock: an Unusual Paper Airplane

This is a paper airplane (based on the Nakamura Lock) meshed with a whirlbird. End Result: lots of spinning. Hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: The Airplane

Take a piece of paper and lightly fold it hot dog ways in half.
(Hot Dog not Included :)

Step 2: The Unfold... and Next Fold

Take the top-right hand corner of your paper and take it to the middle. Repeat for the left-hand side so corners are now together in the middle.

Step 3: Take It Back Y'all

Fold the new (and only) top corner back with the flaps right inside the newest fold.

Step 4: Peeking Forward

Fold the corner (now in the middle), back about an inch.

Step 5: To the Left

Fold the current top-right corner so it ends up snug in the center flap.

Step 6: To the Right

Fold along the hot dog fold from step one to get to the 1st pic. Make sure it goes close to the original fold!
Match the left side up with the right side as you make the fold from the previous step.

Step 7: Wings

Make this fold matching for either wing:
Find the midpoint of both the back and front edge.
Make a fold across the line they form, though go a little below on the back edge

Step 8: Cuts

Doesn't need to be to precise: just follow the pic.

Step 9: New Page

Cut a strip of paper a little less wide than the cuts you made, about five inches long. Again, precision is not key, and feel free to you tape where you deem necessary.
Slide the piece of paper through the slot like pic one, and out like pic two. Then fold it back into the middle slot like pic three.
The end should stick out a small bit.

Step 10: Notch

Cut a small, x-shaped notch on the very end of the strip. Remember you can always make it larger.

Step 11: Axle

Take a strip of paper, about 1/4 inch by 5 inches. Roll it in you're fingers so it rounds out. Once it looks like the last picture, tie a pretzel knot in one end, though don't tighten it all the way.

Step 12: Whirlibird

Cut out a piece of paper 2.5 by 4.5 inches or so, and orient with one of the 2.5 inch sides on the top.
Cut down about halway from the middle of the top.
About a half-inch below the bottom of the cut, make two cuts from either side extending about two-thirds of the way in (Pic Two).
Cut straight up to the center-most part of the cut.
Like the axle, round the skinny part of the whirlibird into an axle.
Fold either flap down to either side.

Step 13: Tying the Knot

Slide the axle through the notch, so the pretzel knot is inside the body of the airplane. Then tie the end of the axle to the end of the whirlibird.

Step 14: Throw Paper Airplane

This design may require slight adjustments to attain proper amount of swirliness, so have fun tinkering!
Also, as this is my first instructable, suggestions, questions, and random things that are spiffy are all greatly appreciated in the comments below.
Thanks for making!

Step 15:

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    Ooo that's an interesting airplane, also I love your main image. You'll have to show any other planes you think up! Welcome to instructables!